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In 2011, Boutic’Hotel broadened its horizons, incorporating bespoke tableware, kitchen, pastry utensils, and buffet tools into our offerings. This expansion marked a significant leap in innovation and personalized service in the hospitality industry in Lebanon. Our focus centers on crafting unique, tailor-made tablescapes, harmonizing premier brands with avant-garde concepts to ensure each project stands out as distinct and memorable. We are dedicated to upholding standards of quality and durability, fostering exceptional culinary experiences that resonate with both chefs and guests. Our foundational belief is that a happy chef is the key to a thriving hospitality establishment. At Boutic’Hotel, we go beyond merely supplying products; we provide a gateway to culinary brilliance. We invite you to visit us and immerse yourself in a world where exceptional quality and creative vision converge, creating unparalleled experiences in the realm of hospitality.


Our background

Our journey started in 1987 with Equip’Hotel, where we established a strong foundation in the hospitality industry, focusing on providing top-notch industrial kitchen equipment. This initial venture was not just a business endeavor; it was a manifestation of our dedication to excellence and quality in the hospitality sector. As we evolved, our passion and expertise grew, leading us to the establishment of Boutic’Hotel in 2011. This expansion marked a significant milestone for our family-based business, as it allowed us to broaden our horizon and encapsulate a more comprehensive vision.

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Revol logo, representing high-quality French tableware, synonymous with elegance and innovation in the hospitality industry.
Matfer logo, emblematic of top-tier kitchenware, symbolizing professional culinary excellence and innovation.
Vista Alegre logo, signifying premium Portuguese porcelain, renowned for luxury and artistic design in fine dining.
Italo Ottinetti logo, epitomizing Italian craftsmanship in quality metal kitchenware and elegant design aesthetics.
In Situ logo, reflecting modern innovation in professional kitchen and tableware, blending functionality with design.
Bisetti logo, symbolizing Italian excellence in artisanal wooden kitchen tools and innovative pepper mills.
Abert logo, representing Italian sophistication in  tableware, known for style and functionality in dining experience.
CuArtigiana logo, embodying the excellence of Italian handcrafted copper cookware, renowned for quality and  elegance.
La Rochère logo, symbolizing French heritage in glassware design, renowned for timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship.
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